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Disease is a form of disharmony. And there’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music, and vibration.

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.

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Mytrae is by far one of the best speakers we have ever had at the AIHM (Academy of Integrative Health Medicine). She demonstrates a great deal of in-depth knowledge which connects the science of energy work to mathematical, spiritual, and physical levels. It is a true gift to know how to get right to the heart of cellular function with just the sound of her voice and crystal singing bowls.
Payal Bhandari

Founder and Medical Director, Advanced Health Integrative Functional Medicine, San Francisco

I took the Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner Certification workshop with Mytrae. It was beyond amazing! Mytrae’s deep connection with sound and sound healing is quite profound, and I feel very blessed to have had this time to learn from her. I left the weekend feeling both empowered and supported to continue my interest  with sound healing and crystal bowls. This knowledge of sound resonated with me and left me vibrating with joy and excitement to share this modality with my clients and community.
Amy Bilodeau

Health and wellness coach

Mytrae Meliana brings a level of skill, grace, and depth to every aspect of her work, sessions, and courses. Her intuitive abilities, effective and personable teaching style, combined with her decades of professional training as a musician, sound healing teacher and psychotherapist, offer her students a rare opportunity to delve into the many essential aspects of sound healing and practice. Mytrae is a gift to the world of sound healing, and will continue to inspire transformation and change at personal and community levels, as well as in the field of sound work and healing. 

Ramona Bolton

Director, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto

About Mytrae Meliana

When Mytrae was just licensed as a psychotherapist in 2009, she visited a spiritual healing center in Brazil where she had a spiritual awakening. She miraculously healed from Lyme Disease and trauma, received messages that she was a sound healer, and began to channel healing piano music.

It was hard to believe! But she had physical proof that a new paradigm of healing was possible with sound, vibration, and yes, Spirit.

Mytrae began including Crystal Singing Bowls and piano transmissions in her work. Her clients healed, transformed, and awkened exponentially quicker than with psychotherapy, so much that her practice closed. She felt called to teach this to other health/ wellness practitioners and organizations.

She founded the Temple of Sound Healing to offer a revolutionary cutting-edge modality that integrates sound, science, and spirituality. She teaches workshops to individuals seeking holistic, complementary medicine, and to health/wellness professionals and organizations.

Mytrae is a sound educator and shaman, and a holistic psychotherapist. 

She also leads women’s empowerment and Divine Feminine workshops at The Divine Feminine Temple for Awakening Women.

Listen in to my conversation with Paul Zelizer “From Trauma to Freedom: The Power of Sound to Heal, Empower, and Awaken” on the Awarepreneurs Podcast.

In these challenging yet remarkable times you’re being called to go beyond what you see and know to create personal, professional, and planetary change.

Healing sounds are a language your body, heart, and soul understand without the need for a single word.


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