Are you interested in learning how to play Crystal Singing Bowls for personal healing and development?

Or are you a health/ wellness/ yoga practitioner and want to learn how to integrate sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls into your business?

Or… are you a health/ wellness practitioner, therapist, or social justice / community leader who wants to learn how to work with trauma using sound healing?


If you are, I have 3 trainings and Certifications coming up in June and July! All of them are taught online.

If you don’t have a Crystal Singing Bowl(s), Mytrae will help you choose and buy a bowl as she’s a distributor for Crystal Singing Bowls. Bowls will be shipped to you. If you’re in the Bay Area, she offers FREE delivery 🙂


1. Learn to Play Crystal Singing Bowls Intensive

In this intensive you will be introduced to the basic principles and benefits of sound and vibrational medicine for your body, mind, and spirit. You will learn all about Crystal Singing Bowls and practice playing them.

You will learn how to create sound healing rituals for self-care, to set your intention, manifest, connect to Spirit, and create one specific to yourself.

You will leave feeling confident and empowered that you can integrate sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls into your self-care, personal and spiritual development.

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2. Learn How to be a Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner

Learn all about the power, healing, and magic of sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and how to integrate it in your business.

This training is for health and wellness practitioners, therapists, life coaches, energy and Reiki healers, and any one who wants to learn how to integrate sound healing in their work with clients, and communities, and organizations. Or offer sound baths.

And yes, you can offer Sound Healing online!

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3. Trauma-Informed Sound Healer Certification

This program empowers and equips health/wellness practitioners and therapists to provide Trauma-informed Sound Healing to clients and communities.

This program equips health/wellness practitioners, therapists, treatment center staff, and community leaders with a foundation in sound healing, trauma, tools, and hands-on practice to support their clients and communities heal from trauma and oppression and thrive.

This is a multicultural training.

This Certification equips you to offer sound healing in person and online.

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