Temple of Sound Healing offers:

  • Workshops and demo-presentations for individuals
  • Workshops and demo-presentations for health/wellness/ yoga/ spiritual professionals, practitioners, and organizations
  • Crystal Singing Bowls for sale
  • Sound baths with crystal singing bowls and other instruments (for 25 or more people)
  • Channeled piano transmissons (for 10 or more people)

Our clients are:

  • People who want to learn about and practice vibrational and sound medicine for personal use
  • Health/wellness/ yoga/ meditation / spiritual practitioners, professionals, and organizations who want to integrate sound healing into their work with clients and communities
  • People who want to receive channeled transmissions, frequencies, and codes to heal, be activated, and awaken.

 About Mytrae (my-thray-yee) Meliana


When Mytrae was just licensed as a psychotherapist in 2009, she visited a spiritual healing center in Brazil where she had a spiritual awakening. She miraculously healed from Lyme Disease and trauma, her intuition bloomed, she received messages she was a sound healer, and began to channel healing piano music.

It was all hard to believe!

But she knew she’d experienced a new paradigm of healing and possibility.

As a classical pianist, Mytrae knows music. So she began including sound in her work with clients who healed and made exponentially bigger shifts and leaps than they did with just psychotherapy or coaching. She realized that sound and vibration can heal, empower, and awaken in ways far beyond psychotherapy. And she knew she just had to share this with others.

Mytrae founded the Temple of Sound Healing to offer a revolutionary health/wellness modality that integrates sound, science, and spirituality for people seeking holistic, complementary medicine and health/wellness professionals to integrate into their work with clients and communities.

Mytrae is a sound shaman, educator, and Channel of Celestial Music.

She believes that anything and everything is possible. 

She believes miracles and magic exist beyond your linear, rational brain.

She believes if you dare dream it, it can be your reality.

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