Sound Baths

Piano Transmissions

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound healing is a subtle energy and vibrational healing treatment.

It helps you to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.  On a cellular level it activates your cells innate health, vibrance, resonance, harmony, and perfection.

Almost immediately you go into a deeply relaxed state so you can let go, restore, and renew.

Emotionally, it breaks up stuck emotional energies and allows your meridians and chakras (energy centers) to flow.

In individual and group sound healing sessions, I use crystalline quartz bowls, tibetan bowls, tanpura (an Indian stringed instrument), bells, and my voice.


  • releases disease and pain
  • unlocks and clears dense blocks, knots, and limitations on every level
  • activates your dreams, desires, and visions
  • connects you with your soul / Higher Self and God/ the Divine / Oneness
  • tunes into your intention, enables you to receive healing beyond your mind, and access a sonic, energetic field of love, power, and soul truth.

Sound Baths for Groups

Sound baths are enjoyable, relaxing yet powerful mind-body-Spirit healing and wellness experiences for groups, organizations, agencies, and corporations. They help people destress, heal, drop into peace, and connect with your inner guidance.

Mytrae begins every sound bath with a brief explanation about sound healing. She creates sacred space with prayer and intention. She will guide you into a relaxing wellness and spiritual experience by leading you through deep breathing and intention setting. You and your group lie down comfortably on yoga mats or blankets as Mytrae plays the Crystal Singing Bowls. She is guided by her intuition and Spirit to play and call in the best frequencies for each group so you receive deep vibrational healing, inspired guidance, and journey within to your inner wisdom.


  • Create connection in your group, organization, agency, or
  • Include in health, wellness, yoga, and meditation events
  • Create sacred space, experiences, journeys, rituals, and ceremonies
  • Learn how to connect and channel Spirit
  • Channel the Divine Feminine

Wow – that was beautiful!  An experience like no other, with such resonant sounds seeming to surround me from all sides.  Such a rare thing, in the midst of a work day, to feel the ground beneath us and vibrations around us and partake in a restful and healing time together as colleagues.  And it was the first time for almost all of us too – all the more special.

Ann Speyer

Women’s Community Clinic

What a unique and lovely experience. Several staff have expressed such gratitude for having a new experience, coming together as a community for healing, being surprised by it since sound healing was new to them, and even one person who had a multi-day migraine that finally subsided during the session. Healing indeed!

Ziska Maria

Women’s Community Clinic

Piano Transmissions

Language of Light is the language of your Soul.

It is a multidimensional transmission that connects you to God/ Goddess / the Divine/ Source. Coming from higher realms, it is a quantum holographic healing modality. It contains Light-coded frequencies that heal, restructure, and realign your body to your Soul and Source.

It is understood and received by your cells, energy, emotional, crystalline light bodies, and DNA — not your conscious mind. So you do not need to understand it or even know what it is for it to be effective. (Still, most people have very powerful experiences).

My guides say “This music contains healing keys which unlock and release disease, retrieve fragmented soul parts, activate chakras and DNA, and people’s wisdom, love, strength, and Divinity.”

  • is a pure, channeled transmission uniquely for you
  • transmits very high vibrations of Light and Love into your bodies
  • releases disease and pain
  • unlocks and clears dense blocks, knots, and limitations on every level
  • activates and attunes you to your Soul purpose, and you may receive profound guidance
  • works on your DNA and divine blueprint

Mytrae is a true gift to us. She is not only a technician but also a guide and clear channel whose presence emanates love and support in her sessions.

I have gone to Mytrae for a number of healings and experienced deep healing and messages for living my purpose. Words cannot accurately describe the experience of Mytrae’s Piano Transmission. I have experienced this a number of times and each time laying under the piano feels like entering another realm. The music that she plays has had me go into a meditative state where I receive messages, see images and experience deep healing. I went to a place and communicated with beings that I believe I could not have done without her energetic and technical guidance. 

Neslihan Akbas

Mytrae’s sound healing helped me overcome my writer’s block. I recommend the sound healing for anyone feeling stuck in any way. It’s a great way to clear anything that might be getting in your way. Not only was the music beautiful to listen to, but my soul was touched by the unique vibrations channeled specifically for me through Mytrae’s gift

Lisa, San Francisco

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