Sanctuary is a gathering where you can chant and pray for peace, hope, and love for yourself, others, and our planet.

About Sanctuary

Sanctuary: Om ~ Chant ~ Prayer is an hour in which you can gather with others for some peace, hope, and prayer.

It is an hour in which you can tune out the news, chaos, and panic.

It is a time to drop everything so you can go within.

Chant, mantra, and prayer are powerful, especially so in times of trouble.

Chants and mantras are sacred sounds that heal and have been used for millennia for every They vibrate and invoke deep spaces within you — where peace, hope, direction, and guidance dwell.

Prayers are the lamp you hold as you search your way forward through the darkness. And there is always Someone around you, beside you, in front of you, guiding your flickering flame. So you know where to place your foot next.

This is a free and open sanctuary. For all.

It is not religious. But it is spiritual.

We will gather online on Zoom.

Please hold on to your order receipt –it has a Zoom link. If you haven’t used Zoom before, instructions on how to download Zoom are there. It’s very simple and quick.

Where is this lovely sanctuary?

We will gather online on Zoom. You can register here.

When you register, you receive a Zoom link and instructions on how to connect.

What will we do in Om ~ Chant ~ Prayer?

I begin by welcoming participants, saying an opening prayer, and creating sacred space. I invite you to set your intention for the session.

We will chant Om for 20 minutes. This has not only powerful spiritual benefits, but powerful healing benefits for your body, emotions, and mind. ( I have a tanpura (Indian instrument and crystal singing bowls) that I will use to accompany the chant portion.

We will chant 1-2 world chants for 20 minutes. Some will be Sanskrit mantras; others will be world chants. I welcome your suggestions for chants for future events.

What should I bring?

This is our collective time for prayer. Please bring a prayer, a poem, or any written words (yours or another’s) that open and connect you to the Sacred to share with us. It doesn’t have to be long, though it can be. Even a few lines that are meaningful will be wonderful. This is an opportunity to voice your prayers which matter profoundly to our world at this time. Your voice and heart are incredibly powerful to create change not only for yourself but for our beautiful world.

What is the energy exchange?

This is a free event. But if I could ask for something in exchange, it is to ask that you please share this event with your friends, family, and communities who might be interested and benefit from it.

Because I believe each of our voices, hearts, and prayers matter now. Deeply and powerfully. Thank you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.